Zambition Dialogue is a community leadership programme. The programme is currently running on our virtual platforms, Facebook page and YouTube. As part of the leadership journey, lmpact Hub Lusaka has been asking the questions, "What is your ambition for Zambia? How can this aspiration be realised? What have we, as a Nation, learnt from the journey we have walked for the last 56 years?" These are questions that led to the birth of the program called Zambition: Dialogue for Our Common Future, hereinafter referred to as Zambition, which is a YouTube channel for engaging in respectful dialogue about our ambition for the country.

The name Zambition is derived from "Zambia" and "ambition." The Zambition YouTube channel receives and shares views from Zambians from diverse ethnic, religious, political, educational and professional backgrounds on their different ambitions for Zambia as a country. Through Zambition, Zambians from all walks of life are able to share their experiences and expertise to suggest solutions to Zambia's political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental challenges.

This is being done with the aim to

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