Our Core Business


Awakening the human spirit
for Creativity and Innovation

Co-working Space and Events
IHL is a curator of physical and virtual work and social space designed to help materialise people’s vision for a better world, offering a unique mix of infrastructure, connections, Inspiration, and learning for people who want to move their ideas from ideation to action and impact.
We offer consulting services to business, government and civil society organizations in innovation, leadership development and organisation development.

Business Development and Acceleration
IHL helps individuals and teams develop or sharpen their capacity to originate and bring to life ideas and actions that offer practical solutions and improve quality of life.

Brokering Partnerships
We help broker partnerships among
  • Emerging entrepreneurs and finance
  • Established entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business and investors
  • Connecting entrepreneurs to markets (country, region, global)

Realising SDGs
  • Helping established business organizations discover and strengthen their capacity to contribute to the realization of SDGs through their core business
  • Creating education programmes to increase awareness on SDGs
Fostering Dialogue
Through the Zambition YouTube channel and other social media platforms, we invite people to engage in dialogue on the future of our country and how to make that future a reality.

  • Address
  • 55 Munali Road, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Phone
  • +260-973-263214
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